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    Hey guys, so it looks like the two most popular textbooks to help prepare for the exam are Kaplan and ExamKrackers. Between these two, which set of books did you prefer and why?

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    I just took the MCAT in late August and I studied with a mix of khan academy videos and the ExamKracker’s complete study package textbooks. I felt like in some ways the books were super helpful. They had super nice pictures and helpful practice passages in the back. It was a great supplementary tool. But sometimes I felt like the books didn’t go in depth enough. It was good that they only focused on stuff important for the MCAT, but I wish they explained things in more detail. And with the practice passages in the back, it was super helpful that they had tough passages with a large focus on data, which was just like the real exam. The only difficult part was that these passages were separated by subject (for example, there would be one on cell membranes, one on lipids, etc…) which wasn’t like the real exam. Overall, I would recommend Exam Krackers over kaplan. With Kaplan there is just too much detail I got lost in it.

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    I would say Exam Krackers for sure. Good diagrams in the book

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