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    So I bought Exam Krackers, Kaplan, and TPR books and I am wondering the best way to use them to cover the content review. Are there certain chapters where a certain book does better than others? Because I like Kaplan but I feel like I have heard that people use it and end up learning a whole bunch of material that’s not actually tested on the exam. And I want to use Exam Krackers but I am nervous to because when I started looking at it, the material looked pretty concise, to the point where I wished it went into more detail for the subjects I don’t know that well.

    Which books do you think I should use?!

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    Wow, you’ve got a lot of books there!!! I think that if you tried to use all three books you might be a bit overwhelmed. I would suggest picking just the one set you like most, and sticking with that one. Like you said, the Exam Krackers books do not go into much detail. I found this helpful, because when I study I tend to get lost in the details, but these books show me what is important. And if you are worried about missing content, whatever book you use should just be a supplement to the Khan Academy videos.

    So what you were saying about how you are nervous your book didn’t go into detail for the subjects you didn’t know well, that would be a good time to watch the Khan Academy videos to help you understand those complicated concepts.



    Some of the Khan academy videos were a bit rambly, but I think they are still really helpful in covering the material. I didn’t really like the kaplan set because it was very textbooky so I bought Exam Krackers

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