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    How many hours should I plan to study for the mcat? I feel like there is so much material and I have no idea when I should start studying for it and much time I should put in? I have already registered for the May 6th exam, but I don’t know when I should start hardcore studying?!



    What I did and what most other students I’ve talked to did was study about 250 hours. I’ve definitely heard that between 200-300 hours total is a good amount. Make sure you don’t overstudy. I would really start studying because people generally suggest 3 months of studying.=)



    200 worked well for me. I would say about that much works, unless you are a slow studier. Make sure to do lots of practice tests for sure

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    I’ve definitely heard from my friends that around 200 hours is the best. I think that it is pretty dependent on how much you know coming in too. So far I’ve been studying like 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and am planning on studying for 3 months, so I guess that comes out to about 200? I feel like I am right on pace with my study schedule and that it is a good amount.


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