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    What do you think is the best CARS strategy. I’m not sure if it is best to skip around or not. I feel like skipping around might waste time? And should I read the passage first or look at the questions first?

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    I would say definitely do not skip around on the passages. When you skip around, this wastes precious time that you could spend reading the passages. Also, definitely read the passage first. Looking over the questions first wastes time because you won’t remember much of what you look at. Also, looking at the questions will encourage you to nit-pick details within the CARS articles. When you just look for details, you won’t do well because the questions really ask about the main idea. So when reading CARS passages make sure to look at the main opinion of the author and the main ideas being presented in the passages rather than being super focused on the details but losing sight of the big picture. I hope this helps! :)



    Yeah I definitely agree with what maryhale said. At first I tried skipping passages but it just made me super stressed and all I could think about was which passage to do first! It definitely just distracts but doesn’t help.

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